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British organic textile company creating sustainable home-wares and accessories that has nature at the core of its creativity.

February Goals

February Goals

So there were a few things I didn’t get around to in January which is ok because it was a pretty admin focussed month for PBN. I am definitely the kind of person who over loads on the to do list rather then have something that feels too achievable. It’s comes down to prioritising and time management and seeing as I work 20+ hours as well as run my side hustle you can imagine a few things get dropped here and there. February is a little bit more of a creative month as I have a table booked at the (Brecon Artisan Market) for the first week in March.

So let’s get to it!

·        Make more beeswax food wraps

·        Begin starch resist prints

·        Design hand dyed Zafu pillows

·        Finish sashiko banner

·        Prepare for March craft Fair

·        Visit wedding venues

·        Make more zipper pouches (Coin, small and medium)

·        Keep on top of social media and blog posts.

·        Apply for festival workshops!!

· Makers application

·        Natural dyes from Pound Cottage

·        Block print experiment on dyed fabric.


How To: Utilise The Priority Matirx

How To: Utilise The Priority Matirx

January Goals

January Goals