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British organic textile company creating sustainable home-wares and accessories that has nature at the core of its creativity.

Goals For 2019

Goals For 2019

Already two weeks into 2019 and I have my eyes on the prize. With plenty of new product ideas, a spanking new website and a head full of projects I think this year will be full to the brim with greatness!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet I promise.



·         Workshops and festivals

o   This year is all about community! Showcasing my products and getting to know local and creative communities. No one would agree with me that I’m actually a very shy person and tend to keep precious things close to my chest but I certainly want to get out there more and do a couple collaborations this year!

·         Broaden natural dye range

o   I’ve got the bug and it’s not leaving any time soon! With a few dye garden flops last year and a few more wins I’m hoping to grow my range from the ground up! I hit the foraging scene a little late last year so with any luck I’ll be able to get a few more colour variations throughout the year!

·         Beeswax products

o   Now, I already have a few beeswax based products and I’m certainly not going to stop creating, designing and making even more potentially wonderful gift ideas ready for next years Christmas season. It’s January I know but got to get a head of the crowd.

·         Starch resist indigo/ cold dyes

o   Something I have been wanting to do for a looooong time. My obsession with fabrics all began with batik style fabrics years ago (pretty sure I still have some batik and mottled prints from 2005 somewhere) so it’s time to start designing and making my own.

·         Build up my new website

o   For those who’ve been here a while you might have noticed the lovely new website I have made using squarespace Seeing as it’s already looking 100 times better then the last site I will certainly do my best to keep it updated with new products, journal posts and general info for you all.

·         Broaden products range

o   I LOVE feedback on my products and one of the main concerns I get from general customers and people who view my stall is limited products for men. SO, this year I will be designing and dying fabric with this in mind. The good news is that most natural dyes in the UK are pretty sombre and earthy so this shouldn’t be a problem.

·         DIY wedding prep

o   The fun goal of the year but certainly one of more daunting is wedding prep! Being such a hand on and creative person means I will of course want a bespoke and hand made wedding vibe. From the wedding invitations, favours and decorations you best believe it’s going to be eco, locally sourced and of course handmade.



January Goals

January Goals

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