Organic Hand Dyed Shibori Indigo Scarf

Organic Hand Dyed Shibori Indigo Scarf


This lovely hand dyed indigo scarves is made using the very traditional Japanese Shibori hand dying technique. Truly inspired and made by nature it makes for the perfect gift or accessory for any time of the year.

Each scarf is hand woven, tied and dyed making this a truly handmade item for yourself or special person in your life.

Made using organic fair trade cotton, that's also GOTS registered, it's both stunning to look at and beautifully made.

What is Shibori? - Shibori is the traditional Japanese manual resist dying method that uses repetitive and intricate folds to create a beautiful pattern once the fabric is repetitively dipped into a dye bath. Typically this is done using Indigo; a very impressive deep blue dye that has proven to be a popular natural die for over 6000 years. Indigo gains its depth of colour once the dye reacts to oxygen outside of the bath and with every dip it produces a deeper shade.

Scarf measures: 110cmx 35cm

Please Note:

Crocking (colour transfer and fading) is a natural process of Indigo dye and therefore may transfer onto other items of clothing or homeware. This will improve with time and washing but it’s best to keep your new hand dyed indigo away from lighter colours.

Avoid getting excessively wet – dry away from sunlight.

Hand wash only in cold water with PH neutral soaps or detergents (i.e products for sensitive skin/ eco friendly)

Iron on a low heat once dry.

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